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This Month At Cabin On The Coulee Farm

We have began producing the show once a month instead of weekly. This episode is a collection of clips with some introductions that focus on the last few calves of this year as well as some kayaking footage.

Monthly Store Specials

This month, rather than putting a special on the store pricing, we have put a special on our 2o pound ground beef (lean or regular) box. It is priced at $105, but for the deliveries coming up at the end of July (July 27 for Edmonton/Red Deer and July 28 for Calgary) we will give an extra 1 lb package for a total of 21 pounds. This reduces the price of our premium vacuum sealed, flat packed ground beef to $5 per pound. With more people realizing the benefits of more fat, the regular ground is becoming more popular. You can also mix and match regular and lean in a given box if you send us a message before delivery.

Check it out!

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