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This Month At Cabin On The Coulee Farm

This video from July 21 is a combination of a few short videos of Jasper and I having a bit of an argument. I am calling the cows to the waterer and the salt/mineral. He is trying to stop them. It is an interesting insight into animal (bull) behavior. Note that even quiet animals need to be respected (there is a bit of a jump-scare in the video when I go to scratch his head and he snorts at me and knocks the phone out of my hand)

Monthly Store Specials

This month, we have put Prime Rib Bones and Oxtail on sale for 20% off. The Prime Rib Bones are approximately 2 pounds each for $10.80. These are great smoked, barbequed, roasted or done in the slow cooker. The Oxtail is about 2 pounds for $12.60. These are great for soup, stew, or making collagen rich bone broth. Also check out a new option in the beef box section, the Blue Door Butchers 20 lb ground beef box at a reduce price of $95, $10 less than our TK Ranch processed beef. Still our outstanding ground beef, but at a reduced price.

Check it out!