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This Month At Cabin On The Coulee Farm

A visit with some yearlings on a gorgeous November afternoon. These yearlings were still grazing on our neighbor’s field across the road on brome grass that was not hayed this year, thanks to the excellent weather we had this month. They are very curious and quiet. We moved them off this field and back home around the 15th of the month and started them on their winter feed. There are 41 animals in this group. 13 heifers that were with the bull this summer and will (hopefully) have their first calves next spring. The rest, steers and heifers will be fed for another year or so until they are finished.

Monthly Store Specials

This month, we still have the Blue Door Butchers processed 20 X 1 lb ground beef box on for $95. It will likely be sold out after our pre-Christmas deliveries in December. Also, note that we have put our beef marrow bones, beef knuckle bones, and suet on sale until the end of December. Next delivery dates are Nov 25 for Red Deer/Edmonton and Nov 27 for Calgary.

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