our Beef  

We now have a good  supply of beef in stock !

Though we had to take some of our animals elsewhere this summer because of Covid-19, ouur animals are once again all slaughtered, dry aged and processed at TK Ranch. The packages are all vacuum sealed including all individual steaks. Things like lean ground, stew meat and stir fry are all vacuum sealed in one pound packages that are frozen flat for your convenience when storing our beef in your freezer.

We have recently updated our online store and delivery policy. Our store now has two categories: Beef Boxes and Individual Add On Products. When you order our beef online, you are now charged a $25 delivery fee, regardless of how much you order. This will save people that order more boxes at once money because we previously had a $25 delivery cost built into the price of every box. All boxes except the Steaks Only and Roasts Only boxes are $100 to keep things simple. The Individual Add On Products category is there if you want to add a few extra 1 pound ground beef packages

We will have a few extra animals available in 2021 for bulk purchases. Phone or text Eric at 587-876-3121 if you are interested in beef by the half or whole and want to get put on the list for a possible whole or half to be purchased some time in 2021.

  • Our Angus/Murray Grey beef is grass fed and finished on grass or hay depending on season, with a moderate amount of rolled barley – about 1/2 the grain per head per day that they would get in a feedlot.
  • Dry Aged – maximum flavour and tenderness and you aren’t paying for water.
  • No synthetic hormones used or unnecessary antibiotics.
  • Humanely treated, happy, healthy cows raised sustainably.
  • We are a small family farm – no factory farming or feedlots here!
  • Our animals are about 6 months older than feedlot animals when they are harvested, but patience is rewarded with much better, more flavourful beef!