Welcome to our store!

In 2023, TK Ranch, where we had previously been getting our animals processed, let us know that they would no longer be processing animals for anyone other than themselves. We looked into other processors that were further away and decided that the timing was right to make changes to our business. We have sold our animals and starting in 2024 will be leasing our land for grazing to our nephew/niece Lance and Karyn Neilson, who have been selling Neilson Signature Beef for about 8 years.

We have a limited supply of some kinds of beef available for cabin guests or for delivery out of town with a minimum $300 and the willingness to wait a few weeks until the next time we are in the city, to be paid by e-transfer. What we still have available is shown on the website (but will show as out of stock because we want you to phone or email us to let us know what you want and you can pay by e-transfer instead)

We strongly recommend that you check out beef from our nephew and niece, Lance and Karyn Neilson. They finish their beef in the same way as we did, no synthetic hormones, no antibiotics in the feed, and they don't push the grain as fast as in a big feedlot. You can find neilsonbeef on Facebook and Tik Tok and their website is HERE