Thin Korean Style Short Ribs - 2 or 3 Pack - Approx 3 1/2 pounds

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Four thin sliced (1 cm or about 1/2 inch) Korean style ribs, about 1 3/4 pounds each, 2 or 3 pack if they are smaller. Great for marinating and then barbecuing.

Our beef comes from our happy, healthy Murray Grey and Angus cross cows, which are known for their excellent tenderness and marbling. It is antibiotic and synthetic hormone free. Our animals are raised on a combination of grass along with whole plant cereals, and finished on a moderate amount of grain (1/2 of what they would get in a feedlot), for a perfect flavor combination. Our animals are typically about 5 months older than feedlot animals and about 5 months younger than grass-only finished animals when they are processed. This yields a product that is more tender than grass only and more flavourful than beef from younger, obese feedlot animals.

Each half of our beef is cold/dry aged for 14 days. Contrast this with beef processed in the large packing plants where the animal is slaughtered and cut up on the same day, with no dry aging. This means you are not paying for water and you get the maximum flavor so that you have an overall amazing #craftbeef experience when you eat our beef. Our animals are processed at TK Ranch, an AGW Animal Welfare (third party audited) approved processing facility where our animals are treated with respect at processing. All of our value-added processed meats are made without gluten, MSG, nitrites, dairy, sugar, corn, fillers and binders. All spices and seasoning are also certified organic. Additionally, note that TK Ranch DOES NOT commingle trim from several customers or different animals in their cutting room. This means that your can be assured that you are only getting ground beef from our farm.

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