Though we had to take some of our animals elsewhere this summer because of Covid-19, our animals are once again all slaughtered, dry aged and processed at TK Ranch .

The packages are all vacuum sealed including all individual steaks. Things like lean ground, stew meat and stir fry are all vacuum sealed in one pound packages that are frozen flat for your convenience when storing our beef in your freezer.

We have recently updated our online store and delivery policy. Our store now has two categories: Beef Boxes and Individual Add On Products. When you order our beef online, you are now charged a $25 delivery fee, regardless of how much you order. This will save people that order more boxes at once money because we previously had a $25 delivery cost built into the price of every box. All boxes except the Steaks Only and Roasts Only boxes are $100 to keep things simple. The Individual Add On Products category is there if you want to add a few extra 1 pound ground beef packages



Our beef comes from happy, healthy Murray Grey and Angus cross cows, which are known for their excellent tenderness and marbling.  It is antibiotic and synthetic hormone free. 

Our animals are raised on a combination of grass and whole plant cereals through swath grazing, and finished with a moderate amount of grain (1/2 of what they would get in a feedlot), for an excellent flavor combination.  Our beef is custom processed at TK Ranch where it is dry aged in a controlled environment for a two weeks before it is cut up. 

Contrast this with beef processed in the large packing plants where the animal is slaughtered and cut up on the same day, with no dry aging.  This means you are not paying for water and you get the maximum flavor so that you have an overall amazing #craftbeef experience when you eat our beef.