Our animals are slaughtered, dry aged and packaged at TK Ranch, which is less than 50 km from our farm. The packages are all vacuum sealed including all individual steaks. Things like lean ground, stew meat and stir fry are all vacuum sealed in one pound packages that are frozen flat for your convenience when storing our beef in your freezer.

We have recently updated our online store and delivery policy. Our store now has two categories: Beef Boxes, Individual Add On Products and Steaks. The beef boxes are combinations of popular cuts paired with ground beef at a slightly better price than buying them individually. The Individual Add On Products category lets you pick and choose what you want. The Steaks category are for – steaks. Delivery is $25 unless your order is $300 or more, then the delivery fee is waived.



Our beef comes from happy, healthy Murray Grey and Angus cross cows, which are known for their excellent tenderness and marbling.  It is antibiotic and synthetic hormone free. 

Our animals are raised on a combination of grass and whole plant cereals through swath grazing, and finished with a moderate amount of grain (1/2 of what they would get in a feedlot), for an excellent flavor combination.  

Contrast this with beef processed in the large packing plants where the animal is slaughtered and cut up on the same day, with no dry aging.  This means you are not paying for water and you get the maximum flavor so that you have an overall amazing #craftbeef experience when you eat our beef.

On Farm Slaughter Option

We have a new option for 2021 that allows you to get your beef processed how you want and at a reduced price.

Here are the details on buying beef through our On Farm Slaughter program.  The new Alberta on-farm slaughter regulations allow us to sell a customer the live animal – it can only be sold to one person. We sell the animal based on the hanging, cold dry aged weight that is taken by the butcher before he cuts up and packages the beef. You are responsible for telling the butchers how you want it cut up and packaged and have to pay the butcher directly – we send you a copy of their prices and a cutting instructions sheet and you can talk directly to them about the cutting instructions. About 3 weeks after the slaughter date, the beef would be ready and I would deliver it to your place at your convenience (within the regular Highway 2 corridor that we deliver to).

Bruce Downey does our mobile on-farm abattoir service and charges $75 per animal which again, you would have to pay directly. This includes halving it and taking it to Blue Door Butchers (Callum Morrison).

Here is a approximate scenario to give you an idea of what to expect. If the live animal weighs about 1300 lb, the hanging weight will be about 60% of that, so 1300 X 0.6 = 780 lb. During the cold dry aging hang time, the sides of beef lose about 5 % of their weight (excess water). 780 lb X .95 = 741 lb We would charge you $3.75/lb X 741 = $2779. Depending on how you get the animal cut up, the actual weight of the meat that you take home will be about 65% of the hanging weight, so 741 X .65 = 481 lb. This is a number that most farms do not tell you about, so I am just warning you so you are not disappointed if you actually weigh the beef that we deliver. So you would need to pay us $2779 for the animal, the mobile abattoir $100, and the butcher about $500, depending on your cutting and packaging. This scenario is for a typical steer. If you want a smaller animal, a heifer is usually about 1100 pounds live.

Other farms might sell you the animal for a little less but we feel we have a superior product. Animals from a more conventional feedlot type operation are younger and frankly, morbidly obese when they go to market, at about 18-20 months of age. We find beef like that (and what is in the grocery stores) does not have as much flavor because of that lack of age. Our animals are hand fed half as much grain (so up to 12 lb per day for a large steer) and finished on grass or green hay and the lower amount of grain. Our animals are more fit and are 23 – 30 months of age when they go to market and we find that the flavor is much better on our beef because of it. Of course we do not use injected synthetic hormones in our animals. Also, because of the cold, dry aging hanging time, you are not paying for excess water like you do when you buy grocery store beef that has been slaughtered, processed and packaged within a few hours. 

We collect a deposit of $1000 to start the whole process ,a little less than half of the cost, then collect the balance just before delivery. E-transfer is preferred.

We don’t think you will get better beef anywhere else! Phone Eric at 587-876-3121 or email him at eric@cabinonthecoulee.farm to begin the conversation.