$300 Deposit on 1/4 Beef

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This item is a deposit of a little less than half the cost to start the process of getting 1/4 of a Cabin on the Coulee beef animal though our on farm slaughter program and Blue Door Butchers a very competent young local butcher that is only 15 km from our farm.

Our animals are raised on a combination of grass and whole plant cereals through swath grazing, and finished with a moderate amount of grain (1/2 of what they would get in a feedlot), for an excellent flavor combination.

Contrast this with beef processed in the large packing plants where the animal is slaughtered and cut up on the same day, with no dry aging. This means you are not paying for water and you get the maximum flavor so that you have an overall amazing #craftbeef experience when you eat our beef.

We don’t think you will get better beef anywhere else! Phone Eric at 587-876-3121 or email him at eric@cabinonthecoulee.farm to begin the conversation. Our beef comes from happy, healthy Murray Grey and Angus cross cows, which are known for their excellent tenderness and marbling. It is antibiotic and synthetic hormone free.

For more details on our beef and a detailed pricing breakdown, please go to this page on our website:


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